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What Are the Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Credentialing?

Mar 18

Medical credentialing in the field of medical business play a significant role. It is basically a process that insurance payers use to verify and evaluate whether or not the physician or the practitioner is qualified to provide medical services. To evaluate practitioners' qualifications, their education certificates, training, license, residency, clinical judgment, and malpractice coverage are verified. The insurance payer verifies such things to ensure that the medical practitioners maintain the standard of quality of the services they are providing to the patients. 

This is a very time-consuming process that is why most organizations tend to outsource medical credentialing services. If you are looking to outsource such services, we recommend checking out UControl Billing Company. 

In addition to medical billing services, medical practices outsource medical credentialing because it involves two parts: credentialing and privileging. The credentialing process requires verification of education, competency, experience, training, and licensing of practitioners. Whereas privileging is the process that involves assurance of approval by the insurer for the medical practice in order to perform specific procedures. 

Why is Credentialing Important?

Credentialing for a medical practice is very important, and it plays an integral part in numerous processes of medical practice. With correct credentialing, a medical practice has good patient outcomes. In addition, it helps to avoid revenue loss by eliminating chances of fines and other penalties. Also, it allows you to deliver the best healthcare services to the community. 

The process of credentialing ensures that the healthcare providing medical services is legal and competent. In medical credentialing and medical transcription services, the part of the verification of credentials of medical practitioners occurs when they are applying for a position in the medical practice. The medical practice then has to verify whether or not the practitioner is qualified for the position, including verification of their identity and license. 

Here are some other reasons why medical credentialing is vital for a medical practice:

  • Credentialing Improves Trust 
  • Credentialing Boosts Reputation 
  • Credentialing Protects You from Lawsuits 
  • Credentials are Necessary for Earning Money 
  • Credentialing Helps Limit the Rate of Medical Errors

Without a doubt, medical credentialing is essential. It is very time-consuming, which is why most medical practices opt for outsourcing medical credentialing services. Read on to know more about the advantages of 

Advantages of Outsourcing Medical Credentialing services! 

The administrative staff of most medical practices and healthcare facilities have numerous work on their hands, and in addition, they also lack proper tools and software that help in the process of medical credentiling. The companies' medical billing services have all the tools and software needed for credentiling. This is the reason why many healthcare facilities prefer outsourcing medical credentialing services. Here are some other reasons or benefits of choosing to outsource medical credentialing services: 

Improved efficiency

The current systems of the many medical practices still have paper documents, spreadsheets, or other checklists that are distributed in different departments. The paperwork increases as these documents have to be updated very often. By outsourcing, you get an automatic system that verifies, update and check for mistakes. By outsourcing medical credentialing, you get a central database that:

  • Prevents lengthy times in setting up perimeters
  • Stores follow-up and payer status data
  • Gives easy access to analytics


Despite being small or big, every medical practice does face issues in its budget. For this reason, they have to reduce their operational costs in order to streamline medical processes. By outsourcing, you get a cloud-based solution that helps reduce paperwork and errors without having an impact on the safety and health of the patients. In this cloud system, the data is stored centrally and is easily accessible to anyone working remotely at a very low cost! 


In addition, the medical practice that opts for outsourcing medical billing services can save up to million dollars by avoiding litigation and malpractice cases. The medical credentialing companies ensure that all the practitioners in the medical practice are qualified and certified! The law for credentialing is stringent in many states, and that is why neglecting it can cause you a lot of money! 

More Time to Focus on Building Your Practice

Research shows that a medical practitioner in the USA averagely spends almost 43 minutes daily on managing the administrative functions of a health plan. This implies that they spend 261 hours in a year on this sort of task. Luckily, with medical credentialing services, you can say goodbye to all types of administrative functions because the providers of medical credentiling will do this for the practice. By doing so, your practitioners will get more time than they can then utilize, focusing more on patient care! 

Error Free

One of the most important benefits of opting for automatic and innovative medical credentialing services is that they use software that decreases errors that usually occur in manual processes. Many pieces of research portrayed that medical practices that opted to use software solutions had reduced errors, complaints, and costs! The reason behind it is that modern software is designed to check for errors automatically, and in addition, they filter out other details as well! 


Outsourcing medical credentialing services can also help a healthcare facility focus on patient care by allowing them to gather, filter, report, and manage the process of verification unbiasedly. The medical practice provides criteria for choosing a medical practitioner, and then the credentialing company chooses the practitioners based on that criteria! Medical billing services providers usually stay updated regarding every regulation, so the medical practice does not have to worry about compliance! 

Quicker Turnaround

By outsourcing medical credentialing services, a medical practice tends to save time and the efforts of its staff. In addition, it also decreases the phase of diagnosis and treatment, ensuring that all the reimbursement happens on time. Most medical facilities take about 60 to 100 days to verify credentialing. On the other hand, medical credentialing companies can speed up this time and allow practitioners to provide their services without any worries! 

Eliminates hours of frustration

The process of credentiling is very time-consuming, and therefore it is incredibly frustrating. It requires time and the energy and effort of medical practice's administrative staff. However, when you decide to outsource medical credentialing services from a third party, the hurdles and frustration caused by credentialing just become the problem of the company providing the medical billing services. This allows your administrative staff to work without frustration. Then the medical staff tends to spend their time, energy, and efforts providing the best patient care. This will help you to build a loyal patient base for your medical practice. 

Less Paperwork

In the traditional medical credentialing process, there is a lot of paperwork and many documents and files for different healthcare facilities. On the other hand, medical credentialing services providers utilize sophisticated software with a cloud computing option. This option provides remote access to the organization to edit, upload, and share data. 


When a medical practice decides to outsource its credential process from a medical credentialing service provider, its practitioners and staff can concentrate more on patient care. Also, the third-party credentials unbiasedly gather, filter, report, and manage the process of verification. A medical billing company like UControl Billing stays up to date on changing regulations, and this implies that your medical practice does not have to ponder upon compliances of credentialing. 

If you want to know more about their medical credentialing and medical billing services in order to improve your medical practice, feel free to contact them or visit their website to set up an appointment now by clicking here!